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Overcoming Rejection
DQ (March 10,1975 / Boston, MA)

Overcoming Rejection

Poem By Dan Quiles

The strong root of rejection
Leaves a clear projection
Of things to come and become
Is not a feeling one should call home.
It is a road that is too broad and hard to unload.
Overcoming it is a challenge itself.
Taking a first step of healing and moving onward is beneficial.
Then answers is not always in man or in therapy.
It must sought and fought to someone higher and powerful.

The root of rejection comes from many roots already planted.
It is a constant struggle of security vs. insecurity.
It is something no one likes to speak openly.
It is what makes others feel uncomfortable.
A lot of times people feel an unease and act inappropriately.
In that process people can be morally or immorally wrong.
Most are in self-denial about this issue.

Perception in rejection is not always a fact.
We must unveil all revelation in time.
Communication should bring clarification,
It should take us to a better negotiating position.
But if we have a wall of protection,
It will only bring blocks of tumble & stumble.
If there is no humble then there will be a within crumble.
Then our pride will take us to a dead end.
We must learn to defend and not offend.
We must learn to be open minded and try to believe.

‘Causes of rejection:
Unwanted conception, perception of others, lack of attention,
Contemplated or attempted abortion, Comparison with another sibling, a loss of a love one, adoption, abandonment, abuse (physical, verbal, sexual, emotional) , lack
Of love, being a victim of circumstances, peer rejection, turmoil
Within home, marriage rejection, unfaithfulness, loss of job.’ The Root of Rejection by P. Joyce, Pg.22

‘Major results of the root of rejection:
Rebellion, anger, bitterness, guilt, inferiority, poor self-image,
Escapism, judgmentally, Poverty, fear of all types, hopelessness, defensiveness,
Hardness, distrust, disrespect, Competition, jealousy & perfectionism. Pg 25.

Many people were rejected such as:
Martin Luther King Jr. was rejected for his moral and religious beliefs.
Jesus was rejected, spit, mistreated, and despised.
Mothers have been rejected and are mostly single parents.
Women are rejected & back lashed in society as a force to be reckoned with.
Apostle Paul was unjustly imprisoned and hated for his Christian firm stance.
Nelson Mandela was crudely jailed for almost thirty decades for his anti-apartheid views.
Human beings have experienced sorrow and pain through rejection.
These beings made great adjustments to deal with such destructive rejection.
They didn’t give up hope but fought. Perhaps we all have fallen and it has taken us awhile to get up but eventually we all get up. Some longer than others.

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