MH (7/19/1992 / )

Overexaggerating The Truth

Well, here I am
Over exaggerating the truth again
And my lips are spitting out the words
That will make you turn away for good.

I’m running out of things to say
And you’re looking at me with disappointment
You say you still love me anyway
But you’re eyes are telling me something else.

I loved you so bad, until I realized the truth
My love for you was a lie inside another.
And I questioned it in my head but didn’t understand
And now I stand before you telling you the truth.

The truth is I never loved you, and I failed myself
I failed because I didn’t realize no denying I wasn’t lying
I lied to everyone around me, for fear I would go insane again
So here I am, over exaggerating the truth about my lie.

by Maura Hunt

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nice very angsty and yet sensative well done