EG (May 9th,1991 / )


It is
all starting
to get somewhat
overwhelming to exist.
You try as hard as you can,
you try and try to keep control
within the endless chaos we call life,
but soon you will find yourself wondering
how much control you really have over anything
and how stable the life that you have created actually is.
You’ll eventually find that stability is an illusion, and the ounce
of control that you had has left so much more easily than it arrived.
Everything spills over, expands and overwhelms until you cannot take it.
All that is left is you, and the chaos left in the void once filled by the life you had.

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Ok so you encompass all the sense in this it seems. When I first start I see the stack of words, and how they all seem to jumble together to form this shape. And I read and it seems out of the chaos the shape comes froth, not only from the shape of the words but the shape of the meaning. Everything here makes sense and its so simple, the meaning, the shape, the concept. It comes together so well, and I wonder why? Why didn't I think of it. Very well done sir. Thank you 10/10 Rabbit