(19/03/91 / Salford)

Overwhelming Emotions! ! !

Misery, depression, anger, pain
Confusing emotions engulf me again

I try so hard to just break free
No matter where I go, they follow me

They are destroying me from the inside out
They make me question what life is about

I cannot handle this any more
So I go to my room and shut the door

I decide what my weapon of choice shall be
Then I pull up my sleeves ‘til fresh skin I see

The old scars remind me of my past
And show me just how long misery lasts

As I begin to cut relief washes over me
Confusing emotions blind me so easily

This is the only thing that helps me to cope
Although that doesn’t really offer much hope

I try so hard just to stay strong
But I think I will crack before too long

Misery, depression, anger and pain
Force me to self harm, again and again

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Dear Becky, From one self-mulitator to another, it will get better with time. Making new scars only lets your depression and emotions win. Yes, it releaves pressure but when you come back into realiy and see the scars that you have given to yourself for a moment of release you have a lifetime of reminders. Please be good to yourself. Time will be your best friend if you let it. You are a survivor of the depression you are only a victim if you continue to hurt yourself. Best of luck and God Bless.