Don your black cloak sweetheart
Because I'm going to don mine
Even though on this day
The sun shines
The town's been torn apart

We walk outside our house
Outside our safe confinement
With weird guns, just like weird ray hand guns in our hands
We walk along
Side by side
To try and save this town
Whether we go left right, up, or down

We blast the purple blobs on the ground
We try to pick up our pace as we're chased
We stand back to back
As frogs hop in all directions
Toward us

Let's find a place to hide
Let's fine a place to calm ourselves down
Let's grab something to eat
To help replenish our health
We'll go to the hot dog stand
We'll have hot dogs to replenish our health
We'll grab a pepsi cola as well to extend our lives

After that we'll once again brave the Overworld
Just you and I in our black cloaks girl
We'll await greetings and happiness from our friend, the bat
As well as many friends of ours
Who are locked up safely in their houses
That we'll meet along the way

As we go forth
For what it's worth
We'll shoot our guns
We'll swing our whips
You can set your TNT
And I'll drag out my noose

As far as we can understand
For all intents and purposes
This town is in our hands

by Justin Gildow

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