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Owing Only God
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Owing Only God

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

No one forever remains to stay 21.
That age for those young,
Rushing with wishes to become.
Comes and goes.
Fading away quicker,
Than the memory of it to wish.
Only to grow even older.
With other wishes granted,
To have them later to forget.

Then to even experience growing older.
Staying determined and focused.
With it known this is all it takes.
To make what was wished to dream come true.
Also knowing in between those dreams,
Being prepared for ups and downs.
Blood, sweat and tears are nowhere near,
That wish list of dreams found around.
Or disappointments to cause faces to frown.

No one says,
Patience to tolerate to pursue is best.
Not when one is young.
Being bombarded by all that life will test.
Or the dues on has to pay.
Just to play the game.
Done to do to still move forward.
Regardless if the sky,
Seems to be less sunny.
producing clouds.
Pouring down drenching rain.

And then,
Something happens and not overnight.
Those struggles known,
To knew them well.
Appear to be invested dividends.
Receiving them to appreciate,
A life one has earned with blessings received.
Leaving one owing only God.
Knowing if not for God,
There would be no peace of mind or happiness...
Possible to believe the receiving of it,
Has actually arrived to witness the delivery.
With faith.
Owing only God.
And realizing what it takes,
To stay and remain faithful.
Even though going what one must do to prove this,
Is not easy.

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