Execute Pious Activities

Execute pious activities
Keep yourself free
From all contamination
From all illusory duality
And write poem
O my dear poets
With love
With devotion
And touch me
And stay with me
I am yours
You are mine.

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most perfect poem I have read abut an Owl, well done and thanks for sharing with us/10++
wonderful imagery of an owl. nice poem. i really loved it.
Nice words. I felt a relation with the political oppression and struggles. It seemed like, when others are being a puppet to the leaders, you were strong enough to act as a barricade. Overcoming fears are stressed here. Owl always represents out righteousness.
Picture perfect portrayal dedicated to this nocturnal winged beauty. Not so easy. Thanks. I alone stand tall in the frightened night. Unafraid I face your pompous glare.
This is awesome Barry! I love the range in your writing. We have owls in our yard- and when I hear them hunting, I always think twice... well done.
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