No Pussy In Hell

I don't care anymore
pussy in hell.
I might die and take you with me
Pussy in hell
Put the juice to me I'll fry
Pussy in Hell
SWAT has itchy fingers
on their triggers
locking in to off a
fresh crop of niggers
With no final statement
or prepared alibi
Pussy in Hell
Beyond the point of no return
Pussy in Hell
I've burnt a cross
on our engagement bed
Pussy in hell
I haven't yet made up my mind
If I should wait for you in this nuthouse
or in prison instead
Pussy in Hell
Without you
I feel like a hopped up
cranky ole fool
messed up in the head
Pussy in hell
Raging hell of a mad man
till you turn 21
So I may get well
And play with you
my precious new toy
twang all your whistles and bells
Pussy in Hell
They'd surely lock me away
for a very long time
Pussy in Hell
if you were to give me the signal
that you would be mine
Pussy in Hell.
If I were to show you
my darker, more sensuous side
Pussy in Hell.
Would you weep at the gallows
when I took their short ride
Pussy in Hell
Your blaze burns like white fire
From grace I have fell
Treading turbulent waters
Around your Grand Citadel
Sprung my Tower of London
There's no Pussy In Hell

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Buddy Bee Anthony

by Buddy Bee Anthony

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wonderful imagery of an owl. nice poem. i really loved it.
Nice words. I felt a relation with the political oppression and struggles. It seemed like, when others are being a puppet to the leaders, you were strong enough to act as a barricade. Overcoming fears are stressed here. Owl always represents out righteousness.
Picture perfect portrayal dedicated to this nocturnal winged beauty. Not so easy. Thanks. I alone stand tall in the frightened night. Unafraid I face your pompous glare.
This is awesome Barry! I love the range in your writing. We have owls in our yard- and when I hear them hunting, I always think twice... well done.
Whimsical and profound. And shrouded in mystery. Like the wise owl, the poem exudes wisdom from a creatively clever poet. Very deserving of Poem Of The Day! Congrats!
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