Poem Hunter
(12th March 1955 / Victoria, Gozo)


Poem By Ethan Petersen

'To heaven and to earth
let there be peace and
let us see
no more such restlessness
and angst, ' the Owl called

No sound.

'To heaven and to earth
let this day be utilised
once done it will fade
not come-revert'cried
the wise old Owl.

No sound.

'To heaven and to earth
sacrifice and suffering
in the morn
but before day
fades with the dusk and
let the seeds grow
and stay'

Rose high the hubbub.

And there was a sound.

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The owl in his persistent calls for peace and harmony represents our human hopes that in some mysterious way L-O-V-E is the nature of reality. The silence that twice follows his plea suggests there is no answering voice. We are alone. But the owl presses in with his plea, and eventually THERE WAS A SOUND. This poem is a sober and quiet triumph of light, when we fear all is darkness.