Owls, Werewolves, And Victims

The owl waits and watches,
Oh patiently.
Waiting for werewolves,
Victims to see.

Into the nighttime,
So harmlessly.
Knowing I'm coming,
Waiting for me.

The owl ponders questions,
So quietly.
Knowing no answers,
What could they be?

Late in the nighttime,
So silently.
Here I come seeking
One just like me.

The owl sees me coming,
Oh, carelessly.
Wish I'd come sooner,
Where's Rosalie?

Into the darkness,
So purposely,
Hoping to see her,
Waiting for me.

The owl waits and wonders,
So hopefully.
Looking for Heaven,
Where could it be?

Late in the darkness,
So solemnly.
Victims of werewolves,
People like me.

This is the only poem I have posted from which
a reader may draw more than one interpretation.
I normally, do not write such poems; but I was
in a very good mood and I chose this way of
having fun. There is a meaning intended by me.
However, it is written in such a way, that the
meaning I intended has been overwhelmed by
the various interpretations. Have fun!

Given the fact that the readers have been able to
find those various and unique interpretations I spoke
of in this poem, I have placed it in my Hall Of Fame.


Comments (25)

your words always astound me. I would have to read this many times to gain the different meanings you speak of. however, I did thoroughly enjoy this one, as I do all.
An exceptional poem evoking a vivid imagery in mind.Thank you. Best wishes. A.
If you are a victim of a werewolf then you are a werewolf and the owl is waiting for you.
This is so wonderful with all ths different meanings, it make me read it over and over again to see if I'd caught all them xoxo
I enjoyed this poem because of its uniqueness.
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