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Own It!
( / Connecticut)

Own It!

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

The choices you picked.
With each decision 'you' made,
To pursue and persist.
Own it!

Although you find it okay,
To pinch another to do often...
It is your thin skin that is offended,
When someone else gives to you...
An honest opinion,
You solicited from 'them'.
And also your insecurity kept,
To weaken and shows your instability.
Own it!

Own it!
Petty arguments started to initiate conflict.
With a making of nonstop accusations,
To inflict them on purpose and not to quit.
Own it!
Own your ability to escalate those burdens placed,
On someone else's shoulders to anticipate acceptance.
Own it!
Own your expectations they should take,
More of your nonsense served on 'their' plates.
While you await them to clean your slate.
As you bring more to the table,
To perceive is an appetizer...
They will quickly consume to appreciate.

Know this to notice it...
No one here is living to do it to leave you pleased.
Nor is anyone going to drop to their knees,
Pleading for your approval.
Know this to notice it...
The choices you picked with each decision you made,
You did this to do.
So own it!
And take your boo-hoos to weep those tears,
Somewhere else to get the pity patted on your back.
You can stand up to take whatever it is,
That comes your way...
To own it.

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