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...Own Time
AS (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)

...Own Time

Poem By Aram Stefanian

Trying to keep one jump ahead out of the devil's own time,
I sacrificed my only love to the speechless gods.
My heart ached from devastation, shattered into shards.
I was up my neck in a swamp, wanting out of slime.
I'm no longer looking for a shelter, there is none.
I haven't put up with unjustice and violence so far.
It's not my fault I was born under unlucky star.
In the world of long bread I feel needless and gone.
Life's an illusion, yet illusory hopes won't come true.
So many times I fell in love, but it faded away.
Sick and tired to face the same routine day after day.
Who knows how longer to wait for changes to go through?

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Comments (3)

'I'm no longer looking for a shelter, there is none.' But, your poetry figurative sense also is a refuge... best wishes...
You have a way with cynical, well-written verse.
Yes I know that feeling...when will time be yours..perhaps humans are expecting too much of life...I dont know..I do know that I like your poem a lot Wishing you joy-Pia