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Owners Of Pockets Full And Deep
( / Connecticut)

Owners Of Pockets Full And Deep

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

It is incomprehensible to perceive,
Those born and taught to be thieves...
Would have giving hearts for anyone to believe,
They would rush to the aid of others seeking...
Or share a piece of a stolen pie.

Those who have created for themselves abundance,
Did not do so...
Crawling and clawing their way through tons,
Of grit and grim or mud of any kind.
Those stories may be told...
To deceive enchanted by good fiction.

Those who are the owners of pockets full and deep...
Usually are not graduates of a nine to five.
And rarely have they received,
An abundance that they hoard...
Based on philosophies of sharing with their fellowman.

Folks like these are out to get as much as they can,
While keeping it out of the hands of others.
And that is the nature of a mind,
Nurtured on materialistic feeding.
What one like this gets...
Is meant to tease others in need.

Owners of pockets full and deep,
Pay to ensure...
Those unconscious,
Are kept to stay unaware in a sleep.
With the dangling of carrots...
Far out of their reach!

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