Honest Abe & Little Willie

So Honest Abe and Little Willie had a strong relationship or bond
He used to tell me stories before I went to sleep holding his hand
Although my name was in fact something I wish was different
That is why I died earlier not by sickness which was apparent
I was the same quite little boy that I was being the third one
I was even more comfortable when the other boys were gone
I had indeed a close bond with my other brothers in the family
I was a cheerful boy although I sometimes enjoy being lonely
My father loved me the most for he had named me after someone he admired
My father was a hardworking and a dedicated man whom others are inspired
He was a very strong and a very sincere man of actions or results
And I love my father and hated those men he despises or insults
So I decided to fade away earlier for I knew the coming danger or threat
The reason why I was born in Austria after he died and the time was set
From being Abraham Lincoln to Alois Hitler and becoming Rogelio Sorioso
For I will now defend why my father Rogelio became somehow irresponsible
For if he was a good provider then my life would have been more admirable
We would not have a financial crisis which means we did not have to go to America
Which means 9/11 would have never had happened without the owner of Swastika
That means life is simple for me or my father if I had already have a wife and kid
I would never have heard his voice in Washington DC where I tried to make a bid
For my own father Rogelio left me no advice when he was still alive
For he wants me to discover the reality by myself in order to survive
In my silence of no one to speak I manage to use my ears or eyes in order to hear and see
All the pain, abuses, deception and stupidity of those who consider themselves to be free
I dreamed of fighting right next to Abe in battle not knowing I would face him in a War
But Rogelio made me feel equal to him during those times he would take me to a bar
Abe or Rogelio denied me his attention back then only to prove me now wrong
For he never left me not a single second of my life in a bond which is now strong
For his care for me is never measured by the attention given or even the Love
But all of the Fame, Glory and Wealth that I'm all willing to receive or to have
Let no other Covenant made by Zeus supersede what is actually mine
For these coming days I will inherit everything being the next in line
Make no mistake for this is coming from Honest Abe and Little Willie
Do not let the seven billion lives stand in the way of Rogelio and Rogel
We will shake the very core of this planet just to prove it is true and real
For we Olympians had already made a decision in the agreement or deal
The decision is that it will either be our way or the complete annihilation of the Human Race
You had seen Princess Diana, Abe Lincoln and King Jr. now it's time to look at Apollo's face


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Comments (5)

Wow, this poem makes my heart sing with delight and praise! ! !
Love cheese, come from Oxford, so this caught my attention. I think he's referring to a different Oxford though. Still, enjoyable.
You are truly a William McGonagall of our times.
HA HA HA very cute and funny! : D
i thought i was the only cheese lover