Ozark Winter Storm 2000

Yo' weather man predicted, ice, rain, snow or sleet
It would be spread around all over the state
In Hot Springs, Arkansas we saw frazzing rain.
Gwine to be ice cold tonight, it's all the same.
Gray clouds gathered and it peered like snow
The temperature dipped to freezing and below.
Frazzing rain drizzled on the streets and trees
left a layer of ice as slic' as you please.
Ice weighed down limbs with a heavy bent
and the woad's were slic' as an ice skater rink.
Crack limb hit the pow'er line with a great big shock,
kicked off the pow'er all around the block.
Heavy ice, thousand limbs and trees cracked down
knocking off pow'er, in da' country and da' town.
Entergy comp'nee man said, tinks it be a week
befo' we re-stow lectric pow'er to your street.
With no pow'er the watta pumps failed that night.
City said, got generators from Texas, to pump it right.
Some folk's had no lights or watta, as a matta of fact
But others just not has as much as dat.
Youngn's happy, schools all closed up tight
so they bundled up at home, with no heat or lights.
A di-aster area, the Governor said, I do de'clar,
I'll call the Federal Gov'ment to pay the fare.
Thousands of trucks and workers came from miles apart
They labored all day and night, they never stopped.
After a day and night or three or fow or so
the power, heat, and water they did re-stow.
The next day it turned colder and breezy.
December 2000 was a ding dang doozey.

by Bobby Marbles Mobley

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