I'm falling victim to this addiction
watching a queen become a fiend
she remains stable
long as I give her what she needs
Of this I am always able
even if I don't want to be
I'm a P.O.S.
Prisoner of sex
I just can't reject
the feelings that I get
It used to be weeks
It used to be days
Now I only wait hours
this is much more than a phase
I give it her raw
I give it to her wrapped
I give it my all
and whatevers left after that
I dont blame my actions on a type of music
it's in my blood, pops was the type to do this
I dont wanna see another woman hurt like mama hurts
I stay asking myself ' Damn, why she had to wear that shirt! '
I just wanted a lil bit, tend to get greedy
it's been more then just a lil bit, I feel so needy
So I guess I'll keep going til theres nothing left
I'm a addicted P.O.S
Prisoner of Sex

by Byron Cornell Ford II

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