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Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

From my 'point-of-view',
We all have the ability to reminisce.
We all have the gift to pick and choose,
From which selected memory to visit.
There is a choice involved...
That decreases the likelihood,
To stir up argument or debate.

Wouldn't it be easier,
When and if in conversation...
Someone announced,
'From my 'p.o.v.'...
This is how I perceive things to be.'
Opening the door to receive comprehension.
Without trying to convince anyone...
A 'point-of-view' expressed,
Is the best one anyone can get.

And at these prices,
Who can afford therapy?
Just say what it is...
To get it out in the open.
Allowing other topics to be discussed.
Why keep the fussing done,
Over spilled milk!

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