P.O.W.'s Dreams

So, what if yesterday
our world was full of joy, but
tomorrow looms like this prison wall,
repulsive, hostile, cold and grey...
Oh please, you guys, remember that
today is now, and now's the time
to pray that prison wall into oblivion
by humbly asking God to help us see
a radiant silver screen, reflecting
the many colors that we knew so well:
The tender lavenders of dawn,
the warm embrace of noonday golds,
the sunset scarlets of low clouds on fire,
the deep and restful midnight blues
by which to sleep away our darkest hours,
assured those colors will survive the night.
For when God said 'Let there be light! ',
He blessed us with a boundless wealth of colors,
which we no longer see, but still can dream about,
though only if we will believe that
His rainbows are still there, because
He keeps repainting them,

by Willem VanVoorthuysen

Comments (1)

I read that you were a P.O.W. What a tragic experience that must've been. Right now in my history class we are studying WWII and it's horrifying. Your faith must've played a big part in your survival huh? What a wonderful poem and it sounds like you are a very interesting man. Sincerely, Mary