Am Longing

Saliva rolling,
Eyes popped,
Tongue out,
All in anticipation,

Legs apart ready to move,
Hands sway ready to swing,
Head fixed ready or the go,
Am waiting.

Am waiting for that red light,
Am eager to hear that gun shot,
Ears at attention for that go word,
Patiently i long.

My heart is beating, more of a drum,
My legs are wobbling, more like a jelly,
A slow and cold line goes under my armpit,
Am tensely patient.

I am longing for that last lap.

by Kennedy Mawirah

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my dad ha ptsd, he was a peace keeper in rwanda, witnessed the kibeho masacre, you've probably got kids, so can you tell me if your kids don't understand love too? i don't know what it is, i don't know how to love people, all i know is how to be proud and angry, i feel so alone