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"The Other Side" As a wife of a Vietnam Veteran,
and the mother of three,
You can never understand,
of how it can be.
The suffering inside, the emotional stress,
It's a thing called "P.T.S.D."
Being one on "the other side,"
Isn't always what everyone sees.
The traumatization and the trauma that has incurred,
Will never go away or never be ignored.
For all you Veterans, wives and families,
You too, are on "the other side,"
It isn't easy, I know that for sure,
But if we all stick together,
We might be able to open the door.
Thirty years later and three purple hearts,
We will never understand why they were taken apart.
You, our veterans whom are suffering inside,
always remember, your family and wives.
We too, are on "the other side."

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my dad ha ptsd, he was a peace keeper in rwanda, witnessed the kibeho masacre, you've probably got kids, so can you tell me if your kids don't understand love too? i don't know what it is, i don't know how to love people, all i know is how to be proud and angry, i feel so alone