Pacific Eyes

Pacific eyes,
Tsunamis in my skies.
Coral reefs swaying, moving
To the pulse of the abyss.
Aquatic seasons end too soon.

The fish and the sharks
Swim without sound.
And the mesmerized lifeguards
Have already drowned.

The deep shades of blue,
dancing, crossing paths
into the current.
Northern undersea lights
make the sea bed glow like a blanket of light.

Pacific eyes,
where the deepest of oceans collide,
breaking boundaries,
injecting salt water into my veins.
To swim through me, into
my heart.

Take me to a land that holds no lie.
Take me to a place where the rain doesn't cry.
Take me to a world where the weak can fly.
Take me to the ocean, glimmering in your eye.

by Aaron Byrne

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