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Packed With Ammo
( / Connecticut)

Packed With Ammo

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Packed with ammo.
The kind to settle scores,

When one has been annoyed,
To a brim that overflows...
It is best to keep,
A repayment unexpected.

Just to ensure,
The unbelieving receiver knows...
Actions of deception exposed and known,
Have been delivered at the wrong doorstep.
And will not be accepted,
For a continuation of visits.

To nip this in the bud,
Has a way of showing quivering lips...
A one on one presentation,
Means a resolving of serious business meant.

Packed with ammo.
The kind to settle scores,
With a face to face acknowledgement,
As to what and will must come to an end.

'I understand there was something done I did,
You disliked.
And I've come to hear what it was I did to do,
From you.

I'm not into hearsay or hand-me-down gossip.
There is something about direct comprehension,
I like to get understood.

You have a moment?
And let's keep this between us.

Who knows...
We may even come to agree.
Nothing more would please me.'

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