LG (A day to remember, or is it? / San Francisco)


How can I be one to be?
I turn and twist,
I lurk and become
a piece of you,
yearning for more.
you keep a straight face.
I know you too well,
or not enough!
I eat those in need of eating.
Paer! Paer!
I hark to those who grow fat of me!
Paer! Paer!
I cry and tear at your face.
Yet still,
as a ramaining horse
on a block of wheat.
You stay...
I cry!
You dishevel my center beating.
Until my heart beats no more,
paer, paer...I whisper into the youth of an ear.
Years to go before you see,
the harsh cool world that you tossed me carlessly into.
I want to caress your very being,
become a part of your linch of hope.
Paer? Paer?
I cry as the heavens bestow upon my breast,
a small scroll I see...
scribbled into tiny print...your desires,
my desires,
they match.
Paer! Paer! my heart leaps with joy...
too much joy...
I fall on my haven,
and die,
like a proper Paer should,
I die in love
I die to be forgotten
I die because i love a man
a man
a boy
a boy
young and lawful...
easy to the touch.
His heart intertwined with mine.
I die.
Thanks for the inspiring notion of romance 'Jake Twerve' for your unpublished poem, 'I indeed'.

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