IS ( / Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Page 6

He lost his head.‎
Gallows humour keeps us sane
In Bangladesh. A country where we’ve lost
Our sanity. The obituary’s buried
In a corner of page 6, barely
‎3 by 2, under “Zilla News in Brief”, ‎
Along with two road accidents, tornado....‎
A natural and regular affair, ‎
I nearly missed it for the cricket games.‎
We pick these boys, democracy’s shock-troops, ‎
When they are teenagers, full of ideas, ‎
And send them out to capture polling-booths
And ballot-boxes; they help themselves to ‎
Taxes from local businessmen; they take to drugs
To block out for short spells a life they know won’t last. ‎

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