Pages: The Haunting Of Soul

Poem By Amberlee Carter

'the hard covers of our Titled Life
and our Biographied Death'
- Jc McGee

The dashes stand for something,
signed sealed and noted-
we've passed from this
momentary endeavor-
to something better?

A book of life, a book of death-
write, while we're living the tales
of our dying.
Leaving behind a legacy of poetry
unfit for the world to read,
leaving behind enough of yourself
to carry on-
the world will always be in need.

Real lovers only suffer,
real dreamers only fall-
people want to relate to the pain,
to the loneliness that weaves an empty void
inside our already torn souls.

There are no fairytales,
we need not warn our children,
they'll learn in their own time:
happy endings come with a price,
that cannot be paid-
sell your soul for one peaceful day.

All things end badly or
they wouldn't end at all-
and we can only mourn
the remains frozen in the meaning
of one macabre moment.

But we will live on
even if we've fallen-
from a grace too high for any angel to fly.
Miracles will always need tragedy to be defined.

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nice poem, loved the last line......................
Great poem, as for the stanza 'real dreamers only fall' it is simply brilliant! Well done HBH

3,3 out of 5
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