IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Paid In Full For Friend Leslie

Like a feathered arrow flying.
Straight and true but silently
Speeds the message of your dying
a missile you won’t hear or see.

When you chose to slay my tribesmen.
Slaughter squaws and little children
striking in the dead of night.
My people had no chance to fight.

You thought no one had survived
unaware one warrior lived.
From my totem seeking guidance
I chose to meditate by chance.

In the forest secretly
I kept my vigil faithfully.
Alerted by he dying cries
of people dying by surprise.

Cut down by killers as they slept.
I had no choice but to accept.
My totem had protected me
because my totem could foresee.

The secret plans of wicked men
Who had killed and would again.
Great Manitou had chosen me
to hunt them down relentlessly

Their punishment my sole intent
I knew I would not rest content.
Until the last of them had died
My spirit wails unsatisfied..

when the last of them has paid
the price for the part he played.
in murdering my family.
My quest will end successfully

When my arrow pierces you
a punishment long overdue.
I will give praise to Manitou
as any warrior ought to do.


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Comments (3)

i have to agree with Catrina and Chritine.. Truly masterful.
Great written poem..............truly amazing........thanks! ! !
Great story line Ivor, Your work is always done so masterful. I enjoyed the swifness of the lines, It felt like his heart was beating to the anger that he was feeling 10+++