Poem By alexxisandra beauxx

slowly breathing
inhaling lavender
subtly surrounded by nothing
gasping, slight shock
carressing your fading body
as the bright cold metal
slices your skin
from the inside you cry
letting pain loose
with your red tears
but being nothing is not helping.
the bruises, the beatings, the blood,
dripping as you slowly slip
into darkness.
suffering surrounds you,
and you refuse to change.
the ways of an undermined
happiness plays whispers
of fake smiles on your lips
what is love?
no tears escape your eyes.
deep down your hurt surrenders you
you need an escape.
desperately you search for an exit,
empty walls surround you.
screaming, you fall to your knees
head in your hands, ready to die
dont give up.
a voice of an angel plays its message
in your head.
slowly, gently the splendour of
multiple voice join in
creating of harmony of angels
helping you to your feet.
angels who aren't asking you to beleive,
but believing in you.
fighting the emty hate,
they are there,
even if you cannot see them.
find them and if your weaking
strength cannot
they will find you.
let them help you,
we will help you.
we, your guardian angels,
your friends
brightly, the sun shines
as a real smile cascades across your lips.
finding happiness.
was it hard?
either way, dont give up
your friends will keep singing their message
in your head.
begging you not to give in.
becuse if you gave up on yourself,
you'd give up on them.
Butterflies without wings cannot fly.
save our lives,
we can help you end the pain.

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