Poem Hunter
(January,1975 / Georgia)


Poem By Lacy Greear Kobilis

Pain is a demon
it's name is Rage
It sucks your life out
and makes you change
It tells you that you're worthless
It rips you apart
and breaks you down
causing mountains of distress
turning smiles into frowns

Pain is a Vampire
sucking the blood from your vains
She leaves you
carrying scars that will never heal
While driving you insane

Pain is a Highway
Broken signs directing the way
leading you to nowhere
Nothing there to help you
and nobody there who cares

Pain is a Black Hole
sucking you in and
taking your breath away
It chokes you until you can't speak
there's nothing you can do or say

Pain is a killer
that kills your heart
and causes you to change
If pain is all of these things
then what is Love -
Love is Pain

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