leaving beautiful flowers, cleaning off the graves they lay side by side
they read loving brother, devoted father
they were mine

it hurts way to much, theres no escape, i cant breath, i cant think
i fight the tears, i've got to stay strong
i feel myself start to fall

i keep telling myself this is all a dream, its my false security
but i keep waking up to the same devistation its all the same, nothings changed
my brain is fucking with me giving me crazy thoughts
im losing it, dont know where im going or who im becoming, i feel myself changing
i need out

please someone take the pain, make it go away
im sick of this life, ive been through enough
i wanna start over, i need something new
i just wanna scream, this cant happen to me

face down on the ground, theres no strength to get up
friends are trying to help but i feel them giving up, no one knows how to save me
no hope left, im dying, overwhelmed by the pain

this pain is to much to handle, i cant let go
i try to let go, i need to move on
i feel myself hit the ground

sound of my own crying wakes me up, i look around no ones there
the dark silence is the only thing that keeps me company
everyone around me is moving, im fading away, my feet are glued to the ground
im ready to be happy but my heart doesnt follow
im left here to drowned in my sorrow

im standing on a cliff, toes hanging over the egde
pain is urging me forward from behind, just a few more inches and im free
i look around no ones there to save me
i step over the edge im falling to the ground
i see their faces, im free from the pain

by Jaylie Kim

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This poem is painfully beautiful. One day at a time Jaylie. If that's too much, one minute or even one second at a time. Keep writing. Poetry can be wonderful therapy and your poetry is really good.