(03/16/90 / Seoul)


Life is rough,
People might hate,
I rather die then hear others talk about me like I wasn't there to hear them say it,
Why is that every where I go I feel pain, agony, sorrow,
I can't help but think about cutting myself let out all the pain I feel inside of me,
I just wanna scream my head off,
I just can't stand life anymore,
Why bother living if there is nothing all that great to live for,
I just don't wanna feel pain anymore,
I just want it to be washed away in the rain,
Let it drain out all my anger and my hate,
I just wanna be left alone,
I just want my old life back,
Let me be me not what you nor what anyone else wants me to be,
I don't want to feel pain anymore please,
Make it all go away,
Make the pain stop,
Make it all stop.

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