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Poem By Matthew Bresette

What is the definition of Pain?
Pain is when you have staples in your head
Pain is when you have stitches in your legs more than once.
Pain is when a cat claws you until you bleed.
What is the definition of Pain?
Pain is when you see all of your belongings turn to ash before your eyes.
Pain is seeing your mother crying because you have no shoes to wear to
school tomorrow
Pain is getting something you can’t reach even though it’s a few inches
from your reach.
Pain is getting something from underneath something and falling down on
you breaking you.
Pain is getting up in the morning knowing you will be persecuted by your
peers at school.
Pain is seeing your flesh and blood move because they cannot live with
you anymore
What is the definition of Pain?
Pain is breaking your arm and you can’t afford to go to the doctor
Pain is starving yourself to death so that your children may live to see
another day
Pain is seeing your father starve himself to that his children can get
married and continue the family line
Pain is see other people suffering while you sit on a soft cushion on the
couch watching T.V. eating junk food
Pain is seeing your parents die right in front of you by a person who
only wants a little money to see another day
Pain is knowing you did nothing to stop the murderer who murdered your
parent’s right in front of you
Pain is countless millions of people suffering because they have no food
to eat or something to drink to quench their parched throats
Pain is having a tree fall on you and you can’t lift it by yourself
without help from another person who is not there to help you
What is the definition of Pain?
Pain is seeing your house burn down right before your eyes knowing you
cannot save any of the things you cherish most
Pain is attacking someone out of desperation to get away because they had
done the unspeakable
Pain is seeing people die in your arms after you told them everything is
going to be all right when you know the person is going to die
Pain is seeing your siblings cry for something you have done
Pain is knowing that you will die and never to see another sun rise,
sunset, or the moon rise up in the sky
Pain is dying a slow terrible death alone in the desert with no one
around to comfort you
Pain is crying yourself to sleep knowing this is the only way for you to
sleep at night
What is the definition of Pain?
Pain is seeing the person you love everyday then seeing the person you
love die before your eyes never getting a chance to say good-bye or to
say that you love them
Pain is seeing people poison the land that you live on knowing that you
did nothing to stop it
Pain is forcing yourself to get out of bed just to go to school or work
knowing that you are going to have a bad day
Pain is stabbing yourself in the heart or slitting your wrists trying to
stop the pain that your friends have caused you
What is the definition of Pain?
Pain is seeing someone you care about die in a hospital never telling
them that you love them knowing that it is too late to say it
Pain is writing your heart and soul into something that it will not be
read by other people’s eyes
Pain is not seeking help from other people even though it will benefit
Pain is making a decision that it may cost several people their lives
knowing that your hand cost them their lives
Pain is getting betrayed by someone you loved and trusted knowing that
you have to see them tomorrow
Pain is one word that can send you to crying your eyes out
Pain is people hurting other people because they are different from you
Why is Pain in this World? Who creates more meaning of Pain? Man is the
source of Pain. Once Man is gone so shall the Pain be gone as well
Pain is an unwanted expression in people’s lives. Everyone has it.
Everyone tries to run from it. Some even try to face it. While others
try to out run it. Everyone pretends it is just a word and nothing more.
Even the people who are running know it is pointless to run from it. It
will catch them in the end
Why does Pain exist?
It is the balance of Life. Without Pain there is no Fear without Fear
there is no Control without Control there is no Obedience without
Obedience there is Nothing but stray lost dogs in a strange town in very
strange big world
Some people cannot cope with pain. While others live and breathe by it as
they live their life
The only way to get rid of Pain is to die never to think of Pain again
What is the definition of Pain?

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this poem is emotional and true everything in it i almost cried everything in here we all experience everyday