I set myself a task today,
To write of pain in rhyme.
Of the love I lost so long ago,
Remembered for all time.

The pain is not forgotten
Around my broken heart.
For even if I love again,
It's chained around each part.

The pain that had been pleasure
Before she ran away,
Was changed in just an instant,
Like sand to solid clay.

I shivered and I cringed in pain,
My heart to cold hard clay.
To change me from the boy I was
And the man I'm not today.

The pain had soon consumed my life,
My dreams in darkness too.
My anger and my sorrow,
My hate for the world I knew.

It's only bitter that I taste
And only grey I see.
And when lovers warm each other still
It brings a chill to me.

Once I tried to release my chains
That held my love so true.
I actually found someone to give
A cold-chained loving to.

But alas! It ended as before
With a chain around each part.
And now my love lies chilled forever
At the bottom of a broken heart.


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I still you are many others favorite, as well as mine. your words always draw the reader in and compell them to read over and over, wanting more. such greatness in your pen.
It is amazing. reads perfectly. read it thrice. good piece
omg its hella awesome mon....keep going its like the best
This is a good to the heart poem it got to me man you know your stuff... keep writing Pain of love
Mission Accomplished, truly my friend... I browsed through your poetry just looking for something that others hadn't taken a real shining to or notice of that I might. Not surprising that there is not one of your pieces that hasn't truly touched its readers... Beautiful stuff my friend, even when it's about... Pain Be Well
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