Poem By Ariel Morris

Pain: I wish it not to know my name.
Pain: simply the embodiment of thought.
Thought: an exchange of idea in ones mind.
Thought: an impassive wanting.
Wanting: a secret desire.
Wanting: a secret lie.
Lies: are all you ever say.
Lies: are what make up my life.
Life: worthless.
Life: unwanted.
Unwanted: Pain knows no boundaries.
Unwanted: your words.
You: unworthy.
You: hurt me.
Pain: you.

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Self Appointed Berakdown

Love and hate filling my head, when will it all end?
Love and Faith filling my grave, how full will it get?
these things running through my head.
Dealing with it has gotten to bo too much.

Staring Like A Deer Caught In The Headlight.

Staring like a deer caught in the headlight,
You were taken from us, one of the few;
Run, run away from the hideous light.


Alone she sits....
Alone she waits....
Alone she hopes and prays...
To be rescued....

My Heart Is Aching.

My heat is aching, my heart is breaking.
When will my pain end?
When can I begin again?
Till the end I pray not.

Slit The Wrist And Let It Flow.

Hate and pain, feelin’ it in my veins.
Hate and pain etched in my mind.
Love and hate are all the same,
Life and death are all our problems, but you treat them as there mine.