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Do you know what its like
To see nothing but pain?
Do you know what its like
To see some one you love walk away?
Do you know what its like
To know some one no longer loves you?
Do you know what its like
To have a broken heart?
Do you even know
That you did this to me?
Can you even see
How lost I am?
How cold I feel?
How much I miss you?
Or am I just invisible now?
A soul that doesn’t matter
As long as you have your way.
Well either way
You aren’t coming back
So I better stop wishing on stars.
My heart couldn’t take one more break.
But if you come back just know
I will always love you
In some far corner of my heart
But on the outside
I could never love some one
Who tried to kill my soul
Just to see their gain.

~ November 16,2007

by Emily M. Kunkel

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love is pain indeed, but those times will pass and better days will come. i hope everything goes well for you. very nice btw.