It Is Mostly About Money

It is mostly about money in the Human World of today
Without it you are friendless it does seem this way
You are in trouble if of in money you are in need
What does this say about us as people not that much indeed
Few bother to pity the poor of the town
Their friends are in the few the financially down
For class distinction and poverty you do not need to go to Lands far away
In your so called affluent town you see them around you every day
The praises of the wealthy and famous the gullible masses does sing
In the Human World money to many has become such an important thing
Only so much money to live a good life any individual does need
The main polluters of the Planet we live on are those of financial greed
All over the World in every city and town
There are homeless people who are financially down.

by Francis Duggan

Comments (8)

I like this poem. It reminds me of myself. -Crazy Bitch
i feel the same way. they say it's because i don't love myself and therefor i will never allow someone to love me.
Ruth, I love your poem...and I hope you, and everybody who feels like that...will find your way...listen to your heart it will show you where to go...
love it, i can so relate to it. ^^
wow..i completely relate to this! not that great at writing. it just all spills out onto the page, but not like this! very good
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