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The pain hurts
It pushes down
Pushes on your chest
Telling you to let it out
The only way to let it out
Is to pick up your razors….
Wait, stop, read a book
Do something creative
Make up a dance
Or even bake or cook something
You go through everything you can think of
Nothing works
Not even playing with a pet
The soft fur or the love you feel when you cuddle the pet
Does nothing for the urge
You ignore it
You continue cuddling your pet
Hoping it eases the pain, the urge
But it doesn’t
All you want to do is cuddle with a razor
But you can’t
It wouldn’t feel right
You have an angel on one shoulder
A devil on the other
You’re feeling confused
Because the angel is telling you to use your skills
The devil is telling you to tell your skills to screw it
And to do what makes you feel relaxed
They’re sending you mixed messages
How much more can you take?
Not much, before the volcano boils over
You start to cry
You start to scream
No one hears you
No one cares
You feel all alone
In this big world of depression
Eventually someone comes knocking on the door
You wake up and find that you’re in your own room
In your own bed
Your mom pokes her head in and tells you good morning
Tells you to get ready for school
You don’t want to
All the motivation is sucked out of you
Some one sucked it out of you with a straw
You lay your head back down on your soft pillow
You fall back asleep
Again your mom tells you to get up
You still don’t do it
No motivation, good night, life

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