As the razor hits my skin,
And the tears flow,
All I think about is what happened before.
Before I pulled out the razor,
Before the fight and the lies.
As the tears flow like a stream,
Ilick them off like chocolate ice cream,
As th blood fills my wrist,
I whip it off before it hits.
Noone knows and thats how I like it.
Its hard not to turn to the pain staking habit,
But if you count how many,
Then you will see how many times i turn to the blood and tears,
Because of the pain thats inside if me.

by micaela petrsosky

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I feel your pain. It is a tough time we are going through. I have some poems you migh tlike to read and my friend Melissa Harris would have some too. We are both 16 and have pulled out the razor and tears. You aren't alone. We just have to wait and push forward until we're out of this dark and lonely hole. Although you can't see us in the dark you are not alone! We are there and with many other people... You can talk to Missy and I if you would like. I havn't been through as much as Missy so if you want to talk about pain shes the one to talk to.