( / Ashland, Kentucky)


Pain; it is my friend
It shows me that I do live
It is my support when I do mend
My aches are the tribute, I must give,
I scream out when it does arrive
Sometimes tears come to my eyes
But it proves that I am still alive
Even when I breath in short sighs,
I will not ignore my pain with a pill
As though to make it disappear
As it and I, both are real
Even though it brings agony and a tear,
But someday my pain it will be gone
And on that day, I too will not exist
Then broken forever will be our bond
As then from me pain will forever desist,
It arrived the day that I was born
And it will be with me till the day I die
Till then I will give it my hateful scorn
Then on my last day, I will say goodbye.


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