I am addicted to pain,
For they say,
After every night,
There is a day,
And I am afraid,
That after every hour of day
Night awaits in silence.

Comments about Pain

after every hour of day Night awaits in silence. pain, sufferings and getting addicted to it. you have portrayed a psychological state of many. thank u. tony
A husband would solve the dead-of-night emptiness you loathe, but perhaps that has already dawned on you.
Silence, night waiting.. Pain becoming addiction Fear… At first it was strange for me to read and understand. By rereading it i like it more now. Should be life so gloomy and sad? Where are the positive hopes of life Shall we sit and smile at life come what may Shall we face life even in pain boldly? These are my questions after reading your very thoughtful and philosophical poem. tony
Hi Nayanika Beautifully expressed. A simple fact of life conveyed in a very crisp narrative of a poem. It is wonderful how you put this in words: And I am afraid, That after every hour of day Night awaits in silence. It is as if to say, When you see a silver lining just look for the dark clouds encircled by it, ready to break into a thunderous shower! A100++ for you..
Very insightful indeed. Thanks

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