SA (16-11-90 / Albury)


I’m too much.
An extent that never limits,
I’m excessive and can’t stop,
I articulate too much!
I state things that I shouldn’t say.
I feel sad,
Why do I feel sad?
How could I not.
If this isn’t the feeling of a broken heart, then what is?
I love him more then he could ever love me
And it hurts,
Its hurts so much that my throat is dry, even though its watering.
My eyes lament,
I can’t stop,
Why do I torture myself?
Why can’t I just be normal?
Do people have these problems?
Why can’t I be everything he desires?
I want to please him,
I’m too full on for him.
Dedication is out of the question.
I’m an overbearing person,
Who freaks out someone she loves.
Why didn’t he say anything?
If I knew this I’d be someone different!
It’s so late now, he’s already nervous,
Entrapped under me,
This is his feeling,
Intentions were not of this.
Just to be loved
And feel love,
But love is pain
And pain must be love,
Unless this isn’t love,
But only a one away street that hasn’t ended yet,
But will follow to a dead end
And I will crash
And won’t know what hit me….
Till it’s too late

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