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Pain And Diaster.
AK Amy Kerswell (04 06 1987 / Bath UK)

Pain And Diaster.

This is the only thing I have known.
Pain choas and disaster.
Most of it inflicted by others.
But through what others did to me.
I lived my life in a dark lonely place.
It may be lonely.
But theres no risks there.
No one can ever hurt me again.

Pain and disaster is the only thing.
The only thing that I have ever known.
Its not my choice to live this way.

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it's not your choice to live that way? i'm not one to preach but i think we all have choices and you can choose to make the best or the worst of a sitation.
human being is a wonderful creature. it can always adapt to any situation. why not make a detour to a world full of love...through beliefs and self realisation. picture yourself happy every night and soon you will be happy. we are the products of our thoughts.