Pain And Stuggles

I spend most of my time and my room in the quiet nights all alone becuase i am unknown.

At times i wonder if i should carry on i see the light and i am walking to it i saw that drug on that table saying should i used it.

No one understand my Struggle they only see my trouble it's hard to go on when no one in this world loves me i am just a piece of debris will i ever make it out and get a degree.

All i see is misery pain throw out are history but they kept it a mystery they wanna see a bother lockup in a penitentiary hoping we all make it out eventually.

Praying for better Dayz i am walking lost in this maze.

i visualize images me dying do anybody hear me crying?

i am transparent the only one look at this to a veiw it's apparent.

I need to escape this h.e.l.l on earth because it's giving birth to demons and become a free man.

by christian guice

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