'Didn'T Want To Play The Game'

I knew my two friends from the neighborhood
didn't really want to play, the game I wanted to.
When I kicked the ball past the goal
They laughed and kept the ball, between them two.

So I asked, 'How's about another game? '
like hop scotch, jacks or rope?
But evertime I came up with an idea
the answer they gave was, 'Nope! '

So I found a game I could play alone
didn't have to please anyone else that day.
It was the best time I can remember
playing one of my favorite games with me, my way!

by Linda Winchell

Comments (1)

An interesting and quickly spoken view of pain. As I writer of mainly dark poetry, I found myself drawn in by your title. The last line leaves me to pondering..Are you saying people should listen to pain and give in when it is required? Or are you praising human preserverance? Hmmm...I suppose I as the reader need to make up my own mind, eh? As the poem is well written and leaves me pondering, I have to give you the full ten. A good write, I look forward to future works. Ronny Self