Pain Hatred Grace

Poem By Michael Cook

Tell me of hate...

Could fate possibly have a hand here?
But this reaction is a bitter cost
Tell me of your philosophies...
And speak to me of hate

Truly it is the grandest of all emotions
Or could it be a thing of disgust and terror?
Speak to me of your intial response...
And return your thoughts on hate

Why can it not rest now for peace and pity's sake?
Condemned now the soul that feels no malice
Return your thoughts on grace...
And tell me of hate

Sickening and vile, this thought leaves a funk
An ethos, here, that is not overlooked
Tell me of philosophy and hate...
Tell me and I will learn

Comments about Pain Hatred Grace

In the best of worlds, hate is an emotion hard to hold onto, in the best of worlds, we let our hates slip way into the night, it takes work to keep hate alive or it should. Thought provoking verse, your poem stirs up a lot of questions, it sends one into the dark places to understand the whys and wherefores of hate.

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