Taken Over By Hatred

I don’t know why love has been taken over by hatred?
What makes us to believe in hard core’s philosophy and be led?
Why is it so that age old traditions have been on complete vane?
Why it causes sudden shock, agony, maltreatment and pain?

I think no one has an answer for explanation
The sacred relation has not been looked kindly in question
Somewhere there has been done honor killing
And somewhere shot down, hanged and shown as willing

Can any one term love as market commodity?
Is it the only treatment we meat out and term it as dirty?
Have you ever heard words used and hurled with abusive language?
Nothing helps us to prove as cultured entity in present age

I have watched same treatment from child age
Women dragged from their houses to face the carnage
The worst treatment on the name of their honor and pride
Where as there is much to claim for and nothing to hide!

I fear it has origin in our ancestral philosophy
Either we have not fully understood the message of almighty
Or disregarded the inconvenient portion to expose inability
Any how we are shameless creature on earth with no responsibility

How can there be language, race, color and nationality barriers?
When we are sent here as messengers and love carriers
History may not repeat for out future generations
They might have long history of bitterness with many questions

Let us make no discrimination between gender and religion
It might differ from race to race and region to region
But it will never discriminate in finding the companion
Even though there is complete awareness about union

Let us widen the doors of friendship and show keenness
We are not from primitive state so to keep hard stance on face
We need change and complete overhaul to meet the challenges
It will be our endeavor to see how best we can imprint new things on pages

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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