Pain In The Rain

Poem By Justine Ramos

It's inevitable, this thing called pain
it's like walking on a sunny day when all of a sudden it starts pouring rain

and the droplets stick to your skin
you feel a cough coming up, crushing you within.

the shower goes down in such a fast pace
and you panic to find a sheltered place

the clouds start streaming and your vision gets blurry
you look left and right in such a hurry

then you'll step into a puddle of wet
and you'll groan and stomp because you're upset

you've just bought these new pair of shoes
but it's already raining, what do you have to lose?

jump in that puddle with pride
run with air, make the droplets collide

dance in the wind, and enjoy the sounds
of the droplets of rain and how it pounds

stop covering your hair with your hands
it's no use shading your wet strands

let loose and do not mourn
because there will be days with unexpected storms

twirl around and breathe in, don't get upset
enjoy the smell of the pavement when it's wet

then the showers will stop, and you'll look up in the sky
you'll see a stream of colors, and your skin will start to dry

You'll continue to walk, with a smile on your face
the sploshing of your shoes, in a strolling pace

pain is inevitable, happiness may not remain
but we can't have a rainbow without a little rain

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