Pain Of The Past

silently screaming
locked up inside
caged in by lies
that will no longer hide

trying to ignore
whats happened before
no will to explore
whats happened once more

wishing to forget
days of the past
willing this pain
to end at long last

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My dear friend, I only can tell you that time is the best healer for all the misfortunes with go through in life, we learned how to survive so many broken hearts and still keep going on...One day, early in the morning you get up and go to the bathroom and look at your self in the mirror and see a new face, flesh, relaxed and the wrinkles of worrisome gone or any marks of stress vanished..And then you will tell yourself 'Now that I am no longer blind, I can see with clarity the different colors of the rainbow' like I said in one of my poems, and then you would learn, like me, not to miss what is gone, but the one that is coming your way...Love and Peace, Romeo
Pain holds us back, we learn from mistakes, we overcome pain, we are resilient