KR (August 5th 1989 / Toledo)

Pain Of Your Betrayal

Pain strikes through,
A knife inside,
Poking and Prodding,
Cutting and slicing,
The pain of your betrayal.
Pain grows to hate,
And disbelieve,
Wishing you could feel
The knife inside,
Poking and prodding,
Cutting and slicing,
The pain of your own betrayal.
Does it hurt you to know,
That I'm dying inside,
Your betrayal bleeding me white?
Do you regret what you've done,
Or does your soul grow black,
Am I no longer worthy?
They poking and prodding,
The cutting and slicing,
Ceases at your confession.
Untill that day,
The knife that is you,
Will waste my tears away.

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first, way too simple. the word choice sucked out loud. there was no personality here, the structure could have benefited from stanza's. it just plain needs to be re-writen. dont keep writing if you're pollute the internet with crap like this and call it poetry. give up.