Pain Thought Provoking

Pain is not just a word
can be felt
may be expressed

Pain is not just a mere
word, simple yet
so complex

The body, mind, and spirit
of one becomes weary
in its own strength?
Then where does one
Fine Strength?

Some go to family
Others go to friends

But what if they be
Not around?
Then loneliness comes
Along gripping the
Heart and mind with
No mercy

Rich and poor are touched
Color or creed it doesn't

Can mankind stand under
Such pressure?
Not with out a great cost
To ones heart, mind and

This cost differs from
each person
Young and old alike
Are touched in some
Form or fashion

Strong or weak
Can be consumed by pain
As it grips ones life
With no mercy

Is there any hope for man
Yes, through the mercy
Of the Father
A son sent to die and suffer

Yet, it seems unfitting that one
Would have to die in order
For man to have hope
This hope came that man
Could have life, not
Just here on earth

by Lori Greer

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