Pain Within

Poem By Jennifer Rondeau

There is a pain within this heart,
My pain within my sadness through my eyes,
My eyes are like a burden that you can see right through me,
No pain I ever felt was that one single broken heart that had been left behind and never got a chance to be healed,
There is way out of this pain but somehow I can’t see it,
See the light, the hope, the happiness I once wanted to feel,
Now I ever feel is this sadness, this pain, this heartache,
A pain within these wall I can hear it say,
There is no way out,
No way to wash away the pain,
The pain I feel.

Comments about Pain Within

Great poeam
great poem, i felt bthe pain as i read it.
Only the person with this kind of pain can express what Jennifer feels inside her. No one else can understand her as it is something unique to her.
A heart touching poetic feelings.I loved every line.Deserves 10+++ Thanks for sharing.

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