Pain Won`t Go Away

Why do I cut my self is it because I what to see the blood run down or to feel the pain for some time the razor cutting your skin feels good but after you feel all the pain the scars will never go away always on you cutting makes some people happy when they are sad or mad craving your lovers name in your wrists you can use so many things to cut with you do it once your conceder a cutter looking at your wrists you ask yourself why did I do this blood dripping down crying all night wondering if you will die or live to see daylight the next day but sometimes your pain won`t go away and cut till you have no more pain laying on the ground bleeding till you can’t bleed no more your friends and family find you with the razor laying in your wrists they take it away but you get it back still hearting you self then you meet the perfect lover you fall in love and you stop all the stupid stuff you did to heart your self and the one’s you love


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This reader cannot help but conjecture that this poem is somewhat autobiographical. One feels sorry for the past of this radio darling and hopeful that such sentiment is but painful memory, never to be experienced again.