Pained Babbles And Apoligetic Murmers

I was never perfect,
But when life was too much
I needed you
To be strong because
I couldn't be

You could have helped,
But no.
You left me alone
to abandon all

The whole time I cried
Out for your help.
I begged for you, the friend
I wished
I could only have

All you did was yell
Or, worse, nothing at all.
You claimed to be trying
And that I just needed

But nothing ever got better.
I was always left alone,
wishing for someone
to be everything
That you were not

I felt ignored!
I needed you to care.
I needed my pain to be seen,
And I knew you were

How could you do nothing?
Why did you pull away?
You left me to suffer,
To lay in my

You, who I trusted,
You never stood by me.
You couldn't give me
Just a
Little Time

No, you ran off
To fight demons, no doubt,
But you left me
With no one
To cry with

What were you doing?
I asked for YOU.
Nothing was getting better,
So I begged
You. I had to

Maybe I'm selfish.
I never wanted a hero.
I wanted you here, with me.
I didn't need you to

What were you fighting so fierce
that you had to be alone?
-that you couldn't let me see? -
that I had to be
Pushed away

I was sad, lonely
And you were my last hope.
I'd start talking, you'd walk away.
The world has run
Out of love.

You did this so many times
With no visible remorse.
Why? Why did you do that
Without so much as saying
I'm sorry.

Forgiven? .

by AnnaLeigh Jones

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